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We Grieve With Hope

It’s been a little over a year since I lost my sister, Emily, to a hospital error. She was 27 years old. On the one year anniversary of her death, my mother wrote such a beautiful tribute, I wanted to share it with you. For those of you who have experienced grief, read and know that through the excruciating pain, there is hope…

“10:54am on February 5, 2017, we lost such a special person from our family. Emily Gentry not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts. Every grace at dinner ends with "Jesus, please take special care of our Emily", no matter who leads it. The hole you have left is gaping, but the lessons we have learned are eternal.

We are all so much more grateful for our salvation, our family, and our friends. Grief is such a monster that isn't satisfied until it completely devours you. Without the support all around us, we surely would have imploded. However, we are moving forward. Slowly, painfully, and completely different than we were before our beautiful Emily left us. But we ARE healing, and we give all the glory to God, and the priceless family and friends He has placed around us.

Please, today, in honor of Emily, receive Jesus as your Savior. Recognize that we ALL fall short of receiving the gift of salvation, but we will also ALL face death someday. Be sure of your destiny. Heaven awaits every person who believes that Jesus is the only way there. Find a church, ask a friend, pray to God and He will show you the way. He is not hard to find, and He longs to be found by you.

The ONLY thing that gets this mother through the pain of losing her child is that I KNOW she's in heaven, and I KNOW I will see her again. Fully whole, fully healed, and rejoicing with her Savior.”

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