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New Life Kids

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We believe that children are not just something to be cared for. Children are not just the next generation. Children are actually the best chance we have of seeing the Kingdom of God today. Children show us something today. We believe that when we are in the space of children, we begin to understand what Jesus is like.

Birth to Pre School

10:20 AM – Sunday School

We use the Orange Curriculum called First Look for our little ones to have fun and start their Christian foundation in an engaging and safe environment.​​

9:00 and 11:15 AM – Service

Pre-school age has a Bible lesson, craft, snack, and playtime to introduce them to God's love and power.


Kindergarten to 5th Grade

10:20 AM – Sunday School

We use the Orange curriculum to teach kids truths about God as they realize His love for them and others, and prepare them for the message they will hear in the 11:15 AM service.

9:00 and 11:15 AM – Service

Kids meet in the Kids Life room for their own children's church. We use Orange's 252 Basic curriculum which places importance on uniting the influence of the church with the family.


Every month we focus on one virtue of God and one memory verse that highlights that virtue. Every week a Bible story is creatively told that points to the virtue, as well, as one "bottom line" or the one thing we want the kids to learn from the day.

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