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Interrupted by the Holy Spirit

I serve as a member of a committee that approves or rejects candidates for mission’s service. Recently, during an interview with an applicant, it became very obvious that this person lacked a number of elements needed to insure a successful career serving cross culturally. Their resume showed a bumpy educational track, and a gaping hole in in any longevity of successful ministry.

After a lengthy interview the candidate was asked to step out of the room as we made our decision. The dye seemed to be cast by the direction of the discussion. This person was… not ready…not now.

Then the chairman looked at me and asked, “Bob, what do you think?”

I said, “I agreed with everything that had been said.” Then I went on to remind the committee that if I had been on the committee interviewing any of the 11 Apostles during their first months of ministry, I would have rejected all of them.

They were failures. They abandoned their post, they were viewed under examination as “ignorant and unlearned men.” They failed more than they succeeded, they lost more than they won, and they didn’t play well together. This was while they were under the direct mentoring of Jesus. It was easy to see with this group why the train so easily left the tracks once Jesus was arrested.

Yet, after the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, the Holy Spirit interrupted the lives of these men and changed them. And more importantly, their partnership with the Spirit changed their world.

Maybe you feel just like the 11 did as you flounder through life. Why not surrender to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to make you an instrument to change your world?

We have only four more days until our special Holy Spirit Service on Saturday September 22 @ 7:00pm.

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