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Well That Didn't Go As Planned...

“Again they tried to seize him, but he escaped their grasp.” - John 10:39

Over and over in the book of John, it records Jesus escaping from a mob that wanted to harm him. There were many times before the cross that Jesus came close to death. But, each time he miraculously walked away, unharmed, and seemingly, not surprised.

As a woman who is two short weeks away from her wedding, I can tell you this important fact: plans are important! As anyone who has been married or involved in a wedding knows, there are thousands of plans to make when you get married. Where are you getting married, how many people to invite, what kind of cake, what colors should the dresses be, what kind of veil, photography, wedding favors, etc.!!! I could go on and on with how many plans and decisions are made to prepare for a wedding. But as many of you also know, not all of those plans come together like you think they would. One of your bridesmaid might order the wrong color dress. The flowers might not look how you envisioned them to be. The favors you ordered weeks in advance are now out of stock and will not be here for the wedding. Maybe it even rains on the big day. The point is, no matter how much you plan and prepare, we do not have one hundred percent control over our lives.

Things happen that we were not prepared for. The plans we so carefully executed fall through. People that you thought you could trust let you down. It is very interesting to me that although our plans may fail, God’s plans never do! Time and time again people were angered by Jesus’ words and wanted to execute him, or in some cases, make him king. But those were their plans, not God’s. God’s plan was for Jesus to minister to the people of Israel and then at the appointed time, give us salvation through his death on the cross. Nothing that people or Satan tried to do, could change those plans.

So, the next time you are frustrated because some of your perfect plans are not coming together, take comfort in this: God’s plans for you will never fail. Maybe God has a better way, maybe he is growing you or stretching you in an area. Whatever the case, you can be sure that God is with you and that the good plans He has for your life will never fall through the cracks. Stay faithful to Him and be flexible enough to give him the planning book of your life.

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