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Be Fishers of Men

“Wicked Tuna” is a show I watch sometimes on the National Geographic station. Now, if you know anything about Filipinos, you know we love our fish. While watching this show I was impressed with the way the captain and his crew were fully prepared for whatever would happen next. These men put every bit of their physical and mental strength into the task of catching the Blue-fin tuna, a profitable fish worth a lot of money. They traveled far from the safety of the shoreline into the deepest parts of the seas because that was where they would find the coveted Blue-fin tuna. They had to be patient in their pursuit, waiting days to catch their limit. As I watched this show, I saw that the job of these fishermen was a difficult one, sometimes messy, but the men enjoyed the task and the thrill of the catch.

This TV show and the story in the Bible of the calling of Peter and Andrew by Jesus have a few similarities. These brothers made their living fishing. They enjoyed their job, they pushed out into the deep to catch their fish and they, too, were fully prepared for whatever would come...except the day that Jesus walked along the shore. Jesus changed up the game when he told them that he wanted to make them Fishers of Men. He told them to put down their nets and follow him. The two brothers immediately laid down their nets and followed Jesus. This new catch “men” was a far more valuable catch than the fish they were catching. This catch was eternal. In that moment, Jesus began to equip them for this new task of “fishing for men.”

Just as the two brothers, Peter and Andrew, stopped what they were doing to follow, we too need to heed Jesus' call to be Fishers of Men. We must go outside the walls of our homes and churches. Go to the places where the fish (lost) are abundant. Cast your nets into the deep in search of the lost. If we listen with willing hearts to our Captain’s voice (Jesus), and have our nets mended and ready (testimony), He will guide our steps. If we refuse to push off from the shoreline, we will come up empty.

You may feel inadequate in your own abilities, but don’t believe that. Jesus is searching for hearts that are willing to follow him into the deep waters. If Jesus can take the inexperienced fishermen and use them, He can also use us to be game changer in the world.

Jesus is saying to all of us today, “Be Fishers of Men!”

Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee. He saw Simon and his brother Andrew putting a net into the sea. They were fishermen. Jesus said to them, “Follow Me. I will make you fish for men!”

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