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A Hundred Years From Now

Comic books were one of my favorite things to read as a child. At the back of every comic book there was a full page of advertisements jam-packed with nothing but pure junk, but it was the stuff all kids dreamed of; Polaris Nuclear Sub, Kryptonite rocks, Monkey in a Tea cup. But my all-time favorite wish was to buy the “X-Rays Specs.”

The advertisement showed these miracle working goggles gave the wearer x-ray vision. I knew these glasses would come in handy because every summer, at least in my neighborhood, some kid would break an arm or leg. I imagined running to the scene of the accident, slipping on my X-Ray Specs and determining if the patient had a broken bone. I knew I’d be the envy of all and the talk of the neighborhood.

I saved my money and ordered the my very own pair of X-Ray Specs only to find out they weren’t as magnificent as I had thought. The lenses were cardboard photos inserted into plastic rims. My hopes of looking into the unknown died with those glasses…that is…until I met Jesus.

When I became a Believer, I began to see life differently without the aid of any special lenses. Now my focus was based on eternal things. It was like God allowed me to make decisions today based on a hundred years from now.

I’d ask, “How will I feel about this decision a hundred years from now?”

This same question has motivated me throughout my walk with the Lord especially when it comes to missions. “Will I miss this money a hundred years from now?” and my answer has always been, “No!”

Let me ask you this question in light of Eternity.

In one hundred years from now, will you be happy with the choices you’re making?”

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