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Comfort Zone

I have two funny little mini parrots, called Parrolettes. They are best friends. They affectionately chase each other around in their cage while chattering away. They love to cuddle side by side on their little perch. Their “home” is a small antique cage on a tall stand that sits in our kitchen. Daily, I let them out to crawl all over their cage. They are content to sit on top of the cage for hours.

Tom found a larger cage up in the attic and suggested the parrots might like a larger home. I had been putting off making the switch from the little house to the big one…because I loved the little antique cage, but I finally made the decision to move them. Not only did they move to a larger “house” but away from the kitchen window and into the dining room.

They looked so tiny in their new big house! They sat, side by side not even exploring the roomier cage as I had hoped they would. I opened their cage door hoping they would climb out like they did before but they didn’t move.

I got busy around the house forgetting about the open door on the cage. When I went to check on them, they had vanished. Oh no! I couldn’t see them or hear them anywhere. I frantically looked all over the house. Their wings are clipped so they couldn’t fly only hop around on the floor and climb things. Then, I heard a little chirp, then another one. Sure enough, it was coming from the kitchen.

There were Cooper and Mango, sitting on top of the old antique cage that I had filled with artificial greens and flowers. The cage still sat in its original spot by the kitchen window. They were happily chirping away for they had found their old home. They had found their way back to their familiar place, where they were most comfortable.

As much as I hate to admit it, I also wander back to what’s most comfortable. I’ve learned a few things about wandering back to that old familiar place I call my comfort zone. This is the place where I am unchallenged to grow or be stretched. I become self-sufficient, and when this happens…God is not glorified.

Where are you "perched" today? Is it where you’re most comfortable? Or are you trusting in His sufficiency and not your own?

The Apostle Paul says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…I am self sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.” (Phil 4:13 AMP)

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