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Dive In

I have always been one of those people who love the ocean. We have family on the East Coast and most summers were spent on the shores of the Atlantic. When I was a kid I absolutely LOVED swimming in the ocean. I wouldn’t even wait for my parents to set up their beach blanket before I would be plunging into the cold water and hopping over waves. There was one negative aspect, however, of these awesome vacations. On more than one occasion, I would misjudge a large wave, and would try to jump over it. Most beach veterans can tell you when a wave it too big to jump over, you have to dive under the crest, in order to prevent being sucked under the wave. But all too many times, I would get this lesson first hand as I was tumbled and dragged along the seabed before rising to the surface choking and gagging on salty seawater. I quickly learned that when in doubt, always dive into the wave.

Many times in scripture, the Holy Spirit is described at water. I think that many Christians sometimes just want to “hop over the wave” of the Holy Spirit. Maybe they don’t want to give up their comfortability, maybe they are scared of the unknown, maybe they think it looks too different or weird. Jesus does not want us to dip our toes into the Holy Spirit. He wants us to dive into the wave.

Is your spirit dry and thirsty today? Are you tired of trying to do it on your own? Do you keep running around the same circle time and time again? Do you have relationships that no matter how hard you invest, don’t seem to yield a return? Dive into the wave of the Holy Spirit. Drink his pure and restoring water and be refreshed.

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