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8 Week Class Starting on October 9 at 7pm

Every Man's Battle 

Becoming a man or woman of sexual integrity is an ongoing process. We live in a world awash with sensual images 24/7. The exponential growth of pornography and infidelity is staggering. 


Every Man's Battle is an 8-week study for men seeking help from sexual addiction. Through this study, you will quickly realize you are not alone, and there are resources and insights for you to live as a man of sexual integrity. Mike Byrne will be teaching this class. This group will start meeting on Monday, October 9 at 7 pm.  

To sign-up, please follow the link below. In the private email, please include your full name and any other contact information you feel comfortable sharing. Please know that this email is entirely confidential and will be sent directly to the facilitator of the class, Mike Byrne. 

If you are a woman seeking help with sexual addiction we would like to help you as well. Please click here to send a private email to Pastor Abby Isacson. 

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